Polling Place

The Polling section includes a collection of recent opinion survey questions about poverty, low-income Americans, and topics related to economic opportunity from major public opinion polls around the country. The section is updated frequently in order to provide timely public opinion resources drawn from major national surveys.

Each polling entry includes the date and source of the poll, the survey question and results, and the methodology.

Be sure to check our issue sections for survey questions sorted by topic area.



March 4, 2014: Harris Interactive - Nationwide poll on Food Stamps

Topic(s): Health, Economic Opportunity: Access to Benefits, Education, Workers and Poverty: Job Quality

February 14, 2014: Marist College Institute for Public Opinion -- Nationwide poll on Economic Stimulus

Topic(s): Workers and Poverty: Job Quality, Economic Opportunity: Pathways to Employment

February 12, 2014: Fox Broadcasting Company -- Nationwide poll on Wealth Distribution

Topic(s): General

Jan. 24-29, 2014: National Partnership for Women & Families: Paid Leave

Topic(s): Workers and Poverty

January 23, 2014: CBS News -- Nationwide poll on Wealth Distribution

Topic(s): General

January 15-19, 2014: Pew Research Center & USA Today - Nationwide survey on poverty

Topic(s): General

December 4-8, 2013: NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll-Nationwide Minimum Wage Pool

Topic(s): Workers and Poverty

November 14-17, 2013: United Technologies/National Journal Poll-Health Care Reforms Effect on the Poor

Topic(s): Health and Poverty

November 12-16, 2013: the Center for American Progress – nationwide survey of American attitudes 50 years after LBJ’s War on Poverty

Topic(s): General

November 5-6, 2013: Gallup Poll---Nationwide poll on raising the federal minimum wage

Topic: Economic Opportunity

October 10-13, 2013: Oklahoma State University Food Demand Survey - National poll on the Food Stamp Program

Topic(s): Economic Opportunity

October 19-24, 2013: Democracy Corps Poll---Nationwide poll on working class legislation and incumbent votes

Topics: Economic Opportunity, Workers

October 6-8, 2013: Democracy Corps/Women's Voices---Nationwide poll on Obamacare and the struggles of working women

Topics: Women, Health, Economic Opportunity

October 6-8, 2013: Democracy Corps/Women’s Voices---Nationwide poll on the effects of states’ expansions of Medicaid programs to help lower-income people afford health insurance.

Topics: Health, Economic Opportunity: Access to Benefits

October 3-7, 2013: Associated Press/Gfk Poll-Nationwide Poll on Obama’s Handling of Unemployment

Topic(s): General

October 3-6, 2013: United Technologies/National Congressional Connection Poll - Nationwide poll about cutting programs to reduce deficit

Topic(s): Tax and Budget

September 23-29, 2013: Quinnipiac University Poll - Nationwide poll on spending on food stamps

Topic(s): Tax and Budget

September 21-October 3, 2013: Public Religion Research Institute American Values Survey---Nationwide poll on increasing the minimum wage

Topic: Economic opportunity

September 19-23, 2013: CBS/New York Times Poll - Nationwide poll on Obama administration focus

Topic(s): General

September 13-19, 2013: University of Connecticut/Hartford Courant Poll---Nationwide poll on increasing the number of people eligible for Medicaid coverage

Topics: Health, Economic Opportunity: Access to Benefits

September 12-18, 2013: Kaiser Health Tracking Poll---Nationwide poll on the health reform law‘s coverage of low-income, uninsured adults

Topics: Health, Economic Opportunity: Access to Benefits

September 6-12, 2013: Washington Post/Miller Center Poll - Nationwide poll on economic opportunity

Topic(s): Economic Opportunity

September 5-8, 2013: NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll---Nationwide poll on financial worries

Topic: Other (Financial Stress)

September 4 - 8, 2013: Pew Research Center Political Survey - Nationwide poll on U.S. economic issues and federal policies relating to poverty

Topic(s): Tax and Budget, Economic Opportunity

September 4-8, 2013: Reason-Rupe Poll - Nationwide poll on escaping poverty

Topic(s): Economic Opportunity