Spotlight Webcast: Strengthening State Policies to Promote Economic Advancement

A closer look at The Working Poor Families Project

Despite working hard, many of America’s 9.5 million low-income working families stand on the brink of poverty. Ensuring that hard work offers a pathway out of poverty is the central purpose of The Working Poor Families Project (WPFP), a national initiative to strengthen state policies. Since 2002, this innovative project has engaged 25 state-based nonprofit organizations in an intensive process of state policy change. 

This Spotlight webcast features a discussion with Brandon Roberts, manager of the WPFP, Ruthie Liberman, vice president of public policy at the Crittenton Women’s Union in Boston and Jason Perkins-Cohen, executive director of the Job Opportunities Task Force in Baltimore.  

The guests discuss findings of the WPFP’s latest report, Building a Foundation for Family Economic Success, which documents the policy accomplishments of WPFP’s state partners. The report details how WPFP state partners have elevated the importance of poverty reduction in state capitals and leveraged $2.5 billion in investments in low-income working families. Consequently, many low-income working families are now finding it easier to obtain financial aid, increase their education and skills, and weather an economic storm. The webcast is moderated by Spotlight’s Mary Jo Gilmore.

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The Working Poor Families Project is supported by the Annie E. Casey, Ford, Charles Stewart Mott, and Joyce foundations. Project management is provided by Brandon Roberts + Associates.  To contact Brandon Roberts, click here

To learn more about the Working Poor Families Project, click here.

To read the new report,  Building a Foundation for Family Economic Success, click here.