Spotlight Webcast: Poll Finds Women Struggle in Wake of Recession

Ms. Foundation President discusses economic impact on women
Findings from a new poll by the Ms. Foundation have been released. A majority of Americans continue to struggle in the wake of the recession, and the impact on women has been particularly severe. Despite the official end of the recession, growing numbers of Americans say the economic downturn has affected their families, with more saying they are living paycheck to paycheck than a year ago. The long-term impact appears more severe for women than men. The poll shows the U.S. has entered what the foundation terms a "womancession," where women are doing far worse in this economy. 

Many Americans, particularly women, are living paycheck to paycheck. Twenty-five percent of men and 35 percent of women say they have $500 or less in savings. Latinas, in particular, report low levels of savings, with more than half saying they have $500 or less.

Ms. Foundation president and CEO, Anika Rahman, discusses their latest poll, 2011 Community Voices on the Economy, with Spotlight's Jodie Levin-Epstein. 

Recorded June 15, 2011