Low-Income Adults Achieve Success in College and Work

A new documentary from The Aspen Institute WSI

On the Road to Success: Stories from the Courses to Employment Project, is a new short film from the Workforce Strategies Initiative at The Aspen Institute, illustrating the importance of community college-nonprofit partnerships.  The 19-minute documentary features participants from two Courses to Employment partnerships (Training Futures/Northern Virginia Community College and Capital Idea/Austin Community College), who are working to help low-income adults achieve greater success in higher education and the workforce. Students comment on the assistance they received in charting a career path as well as the supports offered in navigating the college system and juggling school, work and family. 

Discussion is included on the importance of engaging local leaders in building these partnerships that can result in higher skills and better jobs for their residents. Funded by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and produced by N.A.K. Production Associates.  Watch now