Around the country, states and communities have adopted initiatives to build political will to reduce poverty and increase the economic well-being of individuals and families. Government agencies and non-governmental organizations are promoting initiatives and taking action to focus attention on poverty and opportunity. Among the vehicles are task forces, bills that establish specific goals around poverty reduction, and system reorganizations such as legislative committees or city poverty agencies. Some European Community members with economies similar to the United States have also undertaken such efforts as steps on the path to reducing poverty.

While every community is unique, these efforts are designed to create political will and foster policy ideas that policy makers and communities may want to explore. Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity does not endorse any particular approach.

We encourage you to submit information about developments in your community to reduce poverty and increase opportunity. To submit your suggestion, e-mail Jodie Levin-Epstein. CLASP periodically updates Targeting Poverty,  a report that tracks these developments.


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