Health and Poverty News

The Washington Times, April 24, 2014: Poll: Support for Medicaid expansion eroding in Virginia

“A proposal to expand Medicaid to up to 400,000 low-income residents is losing support in Virginia, poll results released Tuesday suggest.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 24, 2014: Report: Most of Missouri's uninsured who need Medicaid are working

“People who would benefit from Medicaid expansion are often described as the working poor. A report released today uses census data to underscore that point and paint a picture of the waitresses, cashiers, child care workers and others who would benefit.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 24, 2014: Poll: Majority oppose Va. Medicaid expansion

“A new poll shows that the majority of Virginians oppose a plan favored by Gov. Terry McAuliffe to use federal Medicaid funds to provide health insurance to low-income residents.”

The Kansas City Kansan, April 24, 2014: Report: Medicaid expansion would boost Kansas economy

“A new report from the Kansas Center for Economic Growth concludes that Medicaid expansion would be a boon to the state's economy and be particularly helpful in rural areas where higher percentages of workers lack good health coverage.”

The Washington Post, April 23, 2014: A year after Arizona approved Medicaid expansion, Brewer still fighting for it

“Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer fought harder than any Republican governor last year to push through Obamacare's Medicaid expansion. Almost a year later, she's still fighting opposition to it on two fronts.”

The New York Times, April 23, 2014: Forecast Cut on Spending for Health

“The Congressional Budget Office has reduced by one-third its estimate of how much more states will spend on Medicaid in the coming decade because of the Affordable Care Act.”

The New York Times, April 23, 2014: (Blog) The Real Reason Red States Won’t Expand Medicaid

“By now it’s pretty clear that the states refusing to expand health coverage under Medicaid aren’t really worried about the expense. They’re motivated entirely by ideological stubbornness — ‘for no other reason than political spite,’ as President Obama said last week.”

MSNBC, April 23, 2014: Medicaid expansion starts to look even better

“It’s been well documented that Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act is an extremely good deal for states that choose to embrace it. The policy improves state finances and bolsters state hospitals, all while providing struggling families access to medical care. We’re occasionally reminded it’s even good for creating jobs.”

The Tampa Bay Times, April 23, 2014: Safety-net hospitals win delay on costly funding law

“In the next year, the state should have time to complete privatizing the Medicaid system, which proponents hope will save money. The federal government also gave Florida a March 2015 deadline to complete a study on how it pays for Medicaid and better ensure that money gets to where it is most needed.”

The Times-Picayune, April 23, 2014: Louisiana Senate committee kills Medicaid expansion bill

“The Louisiana Senate Health and Welfare Committee halted a chance on Wednesday (April 23) for the full body to vote on a bill that would ‘let Louisiana decide’ on Medicaid expansion.”

The Washington Post, April 22, 2014: (Blog) How Medicaid forces the disabled to be poor (but some bipartisan help is on the way).

“Medicaid plays a crucial role in each story. Of course the program has familiar shortcomings. Long-standing administrative challenges, ideological polarization over health reform perpetuate these difficulties. So does our nation’s tenuous commitment to the well-being of disadvantaged citizens.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 22, 2014: (Op-Ed) Affordable Care Act only chips away at a core goal

“President Barack Obama announced last week that 8 million people have signed up for coverage through new insurance exchanges, but barriers persist blocking tens of millions of people around the nation from accessing health care. Questions of eligibility, immigrant coverage and the response from employers and state legislatures mean considerable work lies ahead for health care advocates and officials — but cost remains a particularly high hurdle for low income people who are most likely to be uninsured.”

The Arizona Republic, April 22, 2014: Arizona Appeals Court keeps Medicaid challenge alive

"The fight over last year's expansion of the state Medicaid program is still alive, as the state Court of Appeals ruled this morning that lawmakers have standing to dispute the move.”

The Arizona Central, April 22, 2014: Brewer vetoes job requirements for Medicaid

“A bill that sought to require that people enrolled in the state's Medicaid program look for work or lose health coverage failed to become law Tuesday, one of five vetoes handed up by Gov. Jan Brewer.”

The News Tribune, April 22, 2014: Brewer vetoes bill limiting Medicaid to 5 years

“A bill that would have forced able-bodied Medicaid recipients to get a job and would have limited some to a maximum of five years of insurance was vetoed Tuesday by Gov. Jan Brewer. Brewer said in a veto letter that the five-year cap could have meant throwing more than 210,000 adults off the state's Medicaid program, and an additional 253,000 children as soon as they reached their 18th birthday.

The Idaho Statesman, April 22, 2014: Idaho Medicaid enrollment surges

“The number of people on Medicaid in Idaho rose almost 6 percent since the launch of Idaho's health-insurance exchange last fall even though Idaho is one of the states that has not expanded Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act.”

The New Republic, April 22, 2014: (Op-Ed) Republicans Prove They're Deadly Serious About Fighting Medicaid Expansion

“There's a line of thinking about state-based resistance to the Affordable Care Act which holds that it is to some large degree an outgrowth of spite directed at Barack Obama specifically, and that it will begin to fade once Obama is out of office and the right stops treating anything but massive resistance to Obamacare as a form of collaboration with a particularly loathsome adversary.”

The News Press, April 22, 2014: Medicaid Expansion for Florida is vital

“Millions of working families have successfully taken advantage of the lower insurance premiums though the Affordable Care Act. How can we deny this same advantage to working families making between $1,869 and $23,550 because of the shortsightedness and stubbornness of the Florida legislators?”

The Washington Post, April 21, 2014: Medicaid expansion in Kansas on hold until at least 2015

“If Kansas opts to expand Medicaid, it won’t happen until at least next year. A new measure, signed into law late last week by Gov. Sam Brownback (R), requires that any expansion of Medicaid be explicitly approved by the state legislature, which has finished its regular session for the year.”

CNN, April 21, 2014: Millions slip into Obamacare 'coverage gap'

“About 8 million people have signed up for Year 1 of Obamacare, but millions of others are still falling into the law's ‘coverage gap.’”

The Kansas City Star, April 20, 2014: Gov. Sam Brownback signs bill saying Medicaid expansion decision rests with Kansas Legislature

“HB 2552, which requires an act of the Legislature to expand Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act, has been signed by Gov. Sam Brownback, his office announced Friday. The bill was originally created to require prompt payment from KanCare providers. It was amended on the Senate floor to include legislative approval of a Medicaid expansion.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 18, 2014: BJC HealthCare reduces charity care

“Beginning Jan. 1, BJC reduced the pool of patients eligible for financial assistance to those earning up to 300 percent of the federal poverty level. It previously provided aid to those who earned up to 400 percent of the federal poverty level.”

The Arizona Daily Star, April 18, 2014: Bill limiting Medicaid coverage goes to the governor

“Some of the state’s long-term unemployed could eventually find themselves without health insurance. The state House on Thursday gave final approval to legislation paving the way for a five-year lifetime limit on Medicaid benefits. HB 2367 also would require those who can work to have a job, be looking for one or be in a job-training program.”

The Washington Post, April 17, 2014: Is Cantor the key to Medicaid expansion in Virginia?

“Seventh District Republican Rep. Eric Cantor has helped lead the fight against Obamacare. But the Republican majority leader’s continued tenure in the House of Representatives may be the key to allowing Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe to win the Medicaid expansion envisioned by the very law Cantor opposes. While counterintuitive, let’s examine this political logic.”

The Bangor Daily News, April 17, 2014: House speaker makes final push for Medicaid expansion with plan based on New Hampshire

“The debate over Medicaid expansion has dominated the 126th Legislature, and it will continue to do so as the session winds down and lawmakers prepare to head back to their districts.”